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1. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE 2019: EUR 45,00 per person

You become a Bolero dance club (PK Bolero) member by paying the annual membership fee of EUR 45.00 and signing a declaration of membership confirming your compliance with the rules of PK Bolero, of which you will be informed in Bolero's secretariat.

Membership in PK Bolero is voluntary and at once mandatory for all participants of dance classes (practices) organised by Bolero dance club and/or held by coaches as part of PK Bolero, as this is a club activity of club members as per the Societies Act.

The paid membership fee covers the running calendar year (January–December). In January of the following year it must be renewed and is again valid till the 31st of December of that year.


- Modern competitive dances (MCD) … EUR 99,00 per person per month


- Standard and latin dances (SLD) … EUR 89,00 per person per month

The monthly fee (training fee) covers 8 practice sessions per month. Members of MCD groups generally have regular practice sessions three times (3x) a week and we guarantee a minimum of 8 practices monthly, which are also the basis for potential calculation of absences.



- for members of PK Bolero (MCD): 60 minutes … EUR 40,00 / solo / couple / group


- for non-members of bolero: (MCD): 60 minutes … EUR 100,00 / solo / couple / group


The monthly fees are paid every month in advance, by the last working day of the month for the next month. (Example: The monthly fees for February are paid by 31 January at the latest.)

Individual classes are paid for in advance (before the class) at Bolero's cash register. The dance coach will not begin the class if you do not show them the payment receipt for the practice session.

We kindly ask you to respect the payment deadlines. In the case of non-payment of the monthly training fee or individual class fee the receptionist will not grant you entry into the dance hall to participate in the class!


Besides affording you participation in the practice sessions at Bolero, the paid monthly fee also gives you the opportunity to participate in competitions of the DanceSport Federation of Slovenia, on the condition that all your club dues are paid.




- We reserve the right of changes to fees and/or conditions during the school year.


Ljubljana, 01.09.2019

Zoran Kljun,

President, PK Bolero


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