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In the new year dance with some of the best dancers and choreographers from Bolero dance center!


Ana Vodišek, Barbee Šuštaršič, Petra Prodan, Maja Hočevar, Mark Černilec and Danaja Ažman have prepared a package of 12 online dance workshops, where you can learn the newest steps of street dance styles directly from European and World champions! Workshops will be held 3 times per week in January 2021, live on Instagram. One workshop will be 60 minutes long. In case you miss a live class, you can still watch later and learn the routine.


Live class schedule:
Wednesday 16.00/4pm
Saturday 18.00/6pm
Sunday 18.00/6pm



Every workshop we will learn a new choreography, so there will definitely be something for everyone! We promise, to put a smile on your face with our good mood and enthusiasm and to upgrade your level of dance with our professionalism and knowledge of styles. The workshops are suitable for dancers who already have prior dance knowledge. We want to share our love of dancing with you and make these quarantine days better and brighter!



12 online workshop (12x 60 min)

30 EUR

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These are not just some ordinary dance workshops of course. The name itself tells you to choose your “groove”, but what does that actually mean? We want the dancers to decide with us on the content of the workshops, so before each class we will post an instagram story with at least two options to choose what we will learn in the next class. Sometimes you’ll be able to choose the music, sometimes the theme, and sometimes even the choreography! Follow us on instagram: @choose_your_groove.


The workshops will be held in English as they are open to dancers from all over the world. So you might also meet some new friends and practice your knowledge of foreign languages!


The price for the package of 12 workshops is 30 euros, but if you register by the end of this year, we have prepared a holiday offer for you - only 25 euros. We start on January 6th!


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