About MTP

MTP Movement is a dance movement that started during the pandemic with the aim of connecting dancers from all over the world through online dance classes. With this, we wanted to get closer to the atmosphere and energy to make it as “normal” as possible in these strange times. MTP stands for Matevž Česen, Tian Ćehić and Petra Ravbar - choreographers, dancers and founders of the movement. Each letter also has a meaning: M - movement, T - technique and P - passion. These are the qualities that should define every dancer. And this is exactly the purpose of the movement - to bring dancers closer to different qualities of movement, through great technique and through telling a story with our passion and love for dance.


  • 1st EDITION of MTP Movement (november 2020)- ONLINE CLASSES

MTP Movement in November included 12 classes with Matevž Česen, Tian Ćehić and Petra Ravbar & 2 surprise classes by two big names in the dance industry that were announced during the month. We hosted the world-renowned choreographer and dancer, our Slovenian ambassador of dance- Nika Kljun, and the world champion, currently the best dancer in the world in modern and contemporary- Lana Smolnikar. In November, more than 330 dancers from 13 countries and from more than 20 Slovenian dance schools / clubs danced with us. At the end of November, we also prepared the MTP WORLD SHOW to conclude the beautiful month full of dancing. Dancers from all around Europe and South Africa performed through IG LIVE, and the event was streamed on our public profile where more than 400 dancers/spectators enjoyed and watched the show.


  • 2nd EDITION of MTP Movement (December 2020) - ONLINE MASTERCLASSES

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, we virtually hosted world-renowned dance names in Slovenia and Europe. MICHAEL DEMESKI from the United States, BRIAR NOLET from Canada and DANE BATES from the UK together with the regular MTP classes made the end of December magical and a weekend to remember. In December, more than 320 dancers from 20 countries and from more than 30 Slovenian dance schools / clubs joined and danced with us.


  • 3rd EDITION of MTP Movement (February 2021) - ONLINE CLASSES WITH RISING STARS

MTP movement with the rising dance stars wasa week full of love for dance and for all of us in love with dance right for Valentine's weekend. We danced a total of 6 classes, three MTP classes and three classes with our rising dance stars. We hosted extremely talented dancers, multiple world champions, rising dance stars who are currently the most outstanding dancers in the world. Tatijana Ignjatov from South Africa, Lara Šlibar from Slovenia and Maša Anić from Serbia. In December, more than 220 dancers from 17 countries joined and danced with us.


  • 4th EDITION OF MTP Movement (July 2021) - LIVE - SUMMER INTENSIVE

In July 2021 we hosted 3 days of MTP Movement Summer Intensive for the very first time in our home town Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was even more special because we did it in our Bolero dance center where we spend most of our time. The energy in the studio was on fire during all 9 classes. All 75 dancers in live and 25 dancers online from all over the Europe danced their hearts out and shared those special moments with eachothers. We will remember our first live edition forever! 


  • 5th SERBIAN EDITION OF MTP Movement (January 2022) - CHANCE TO DANCE

MTP Movement had their first edition abroad in collaboration with Chance to dance (dance camp/organizer from Serbia). The event was in Novi sad. On the last weekend in January, more than 80 dancers from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina danced with us. Matevž, Petra and Tian were once again surprised in their own way and together with their exceptional energy and passion for dance with dance workshops. There were again different classes that offered the dancer a different range of dance knowledge from jazz, modern, contemporary and commercial dance. Despite many tiring dance classes, the dancers enjoyed each class more and indulged in the rhythms of MTP Movement, which is unique, unforgettable, and full of love for dance.


  • 6th EDITION OF MTP Movement (July 2022) - LIVE - SUMMER INTENSIVE

The boutique version of the MTP Summer dance Intensive 2022, which sold out in 3 minutes, was forced to change its location to a much bigger venue.  MTP Summer Dance Intensive took place in the Austria trend hotel in Ljubljana. The biggest MTP live event ever hosted almost 200 dancers from as many as 20 countries. With the help of the Bolero Dance Center and friends, Matevž, Tian and Petra prepared an unforgettable event and thus made the beginning of summer more beautiful for all participants. 7 classes of different styles, entertainment, dance battle and lots of other adventures and new acquaintances will forever remain in the memory of the participants and all those who took part in this great event.


  • 7th GERMAN EDITION OF MTP Movement (January 2023) - LIVE - NEW YEARS INTENSIVE, Halle


Another MTP Movement edition was also held in Germany for the first time together with the New Year's intensive dance camp in Halle. On the first weekend of January, more than 100 dancers danced together with MTP. Together with their extraordinary energy and passion for dance, Matevž, Petra and Tian once again surprised with dance workshops and offered a range of dance knowledge from jazz, modern, contemporary, and commercial dance, and they also included technical training in their repertoire. Despite the many tiring dance classes, the dancers enjoyed each class more and indulged in the rhythms of MTP Movement-  unique, soulful and unforgettable.


  • 8th SRBIAN EDITION OF MTP Movement (January 2023) - LIVE - CHANCE TO DANCE, Novi sad


For the second time, MTP Movement held dance workshops in Serbia together with the CHANCE TO DANCE dance camp in Novi Sad. On the last weekend in January, around 70 dancers from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the dance classes. During two days, the dancers experienced various styles and techniques of dance offered by MTP Movement. They are grateful to be able to work with such a good team of the CHANCE TO DANCE dance camp, which always takes good care of them. Despite the many and tiring dance classes, the dancers enjoyed each class more and indulged in the emotions and energy of the extraordinary trio.


  • 9th EDITION OF MTP Movement-a (july 2023) - LIVE - SUMMER DANCE INTENSIVE 2023

Relive your experience of MTP Movement live or experience it for the first time and share your M - movement, T - technique and P - passion with dancers from all over the world in the European pearl - Ljubljana, which is the capital of Slovenia. You will be able to see and feel the energy that MTP Movement has. Matevž Česen, Tian Ćehić and Petra Ravbar are preparing an unforgettable extended summer dance weekend together with the Bolero dance center. From Friday to Sunday you will experience 7 new, fresh and completely different dance class choreographies. We will do our best to make this your favorite weekend of the Summer 2022.

Three days will be enough to feel the love from sLOVEnia. Spend a summer dance holiday in SLOVENIA on the sunny side of the Alps, where you can experience and feel the fresh air from the mountains and just a step away, in less than an hour's car ride jump in the sea and enjoy the hot Mediterranean sun. Join us and write your own dance summer fairy tale! All of this for only 149€ per dancer.

  • 7 classes (jazz dance, contemporary, modern, lyrical, show dance)
  • Every first class of the day with our warm-up, technique and choreography
  • All classes with different, fresh and new choreography and dancing
  • Photo corner (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, tik tok)
  • professional photos and video material from all the classes + behind the scenes footage
  • Refreshment corner (water, fruit)
  • Shop your favorite merch LIVE- try it out (completely NEW MTP SUMMER MERCH 2023 & NK merch & Bolero Dance Center Merch...)
  • Be ready for some brand-new surprises
  • Socializing with dancers from all over the world during a walk through the center of our beautiful Ljubljana
  • Possibility of trips around Slovenia
  • Excellent cuisine in the immediate vicinity of the Bolero dance center and in Austria trend hotel (organized lunch- applications required)
  • The air-conditioned and modern dance studios of the Bolero Dance Center. Enjoy one of the most beautiful dance studios/halls in Europe and one of the biggest conference halls in Slovenia in Austria trend hotel.
  • Instagram private group available only for all registered dancers. All important information in one place (photos, schedules, videos, meetings, updates…)



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