Just for you we have also prepared a list of our favorite places where we like to eat and enjoy different cuisines. If you want a really good burger, we suggest Hood burger and Pop’s place. Our favorite pizzas are from Pop’s pizza place or from Gostilnica 5 - 6 kg. If you want to try and enjoy the traditional Slovenian cuisine we definitely suggest Slovenska hiša, and if you are a fan of Asian cuisine, we suggest DA BU DA.


Just a little out of the center of Ljubljana there is a delicious restaurant Tratorija Azur where you get everything from delicious pasta, pizzas and more. Of course, we also have the world's famous McDonalds. And when you are not too hungry and just need a snack, Pizzeria Ljubljanski dvor is where you get pizza by slices, and of course they also offer other delicious snacks.


For a traditional Balkan snack, we suggest Olimpija Burek or Šaraj restaurant. You can't leave Ljubljana unless you try a delicious ice cream from  Cacao or Vigo. In Romeo you will find the most delicious pancakes.


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