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Due to the exceptional interest, we will once again offer an exceptional opportunity and extremely comfortable and affordable accommodation in the Austria Trend hotel, where the 3rd MTP Summer Dance Intensive will take place with all dance workshops, parties and surprises.This way you will be able to walk in your slippers to the dance hall, just a few steps away from your room. Not to forget- Austria trend hotel is also very near our Bolero dance center, which we will still visit. Nevertheless, we decided to host only up to 170 dancers, as Matevž, Tian and Petra want to create unforgettable energy together with you all, draw a smile on your face, take pictures, have fun, enjoy and dance to the fullest. We are so excited for summer to begin.


During your stay in Ljubljana we definitely suggest one of the most spacious and comfortable rooms in the city, enjoy the international atmosphere, exclusive living comfort, top design and hotel services that fulfill all your wishes. Experience this unforgettable summer dance fairytail with us and with Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana. Enjoy the beautiful view of the city and its surroundings, spoil your palates with the amazing cuisine in the hotel's restaurant, and to top it all off, end the day full of dancing perfectly and relax in their beautiful wellness. Great location and extremely close to Bolero dance center.


Together with Austria trend hotel we have prepared a special offer just for you. In cooperation with Austria Trend Hotel, we have prepared a special offer just for you, which we will announce soon.


Together with Austria Trend Hotel, we have prepared a special lunch offer for all participants of the MTP Summer Dance Intensive.


Let us kindly remind you that all the restaurants near Austria Trend hotel are closed on weekends, the nearest ones are in the city center, which is why we prepared this special offer and organized the possibility of lunch for all participants, even if you do not have a room in the hotel.





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